8 Tasks in September to Prep Next Year’s Church Budget

Sep 26, 2023

We find ourselves speeding toward Q4 of 2023 which can only mean one thing -- it is budgeting season for those who budget for the calendar year. We utilize this task list and Budgeting Timeline Gantt Chart to make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted, ensuring a smooth budgeting process for all.

Recommendations for Staff Church Budget Planning

  1. Communicate with staff that September is the time of year we begin the budgeting process.
  2. Inform all ministry leads to begin reviewing and putting their 2024 budget recommendations together. 
    • Pro tip: We recommend printing out the weekly financial report they receive so they can make adjustments directly on one of those reports. If they wish to add or remove an account, they can make the note directly on that sheet. 
  3. Tell staff who the financial report should be sent to and when the deadline is.
  4. If there is a requested increase in a ministry’s total budget from the current year, scan an additional sheet describing the vision and detail of the requested additional funds. 

Recommendations for Church Staffing Budget Planning

  1. While you don’t have to nail down all of your increases/changes for the next year, we advise determining the total change for the following year.
    • Take this year’s total personnel budget and make the recommended cost of living adjustments. 
    • Include any position changes, additions or subtractions. 
    • Determine the total amount to be used over the course of the next 12 months for merit increases. Having an idea of what you’d like to offer to whom will give you this total.
    • Factor in any benefit changes you wish to make in the upcoming year.
    • Factor in employer payroll tax. 

Recommendations for ChurchOperations Budget Planning

  1. Forecast year-end for all operations and facility-related expenses.
  2. Determine any potential adjustments for the upcoming year (e.g. Insurance Increases)
  3. Include facility upgrades, repairs, etc. that need to happen in the next 12 months. 

Our team uses Gantt charts to plan projects with multiple, interconnected tasks as well as how much time we anticipate they'll take. Download our free Budgeting Timeline Gantt Chart so you can customize it for your own budgeting process.

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