How To Analyze the Salary of Your Staff (and Yourself!)

Oct 19, 2022

Have you ever wished you had a tool to help you objectively analyze the salary for the staff members on your leadership team at your church... including yourself... without it being awkward?

We're here to help. Our Staffing Compensation Assessment Tool has served many of our clients well. 

In this month's video, Jeff outlines how to best use our Staffing Compensation Assessment Tool or how to set up your own.

Things to include:

  • Column 1: Position
  • Column 2: Person who sits in that role
  • Column 3: Current salary
    • Include base salary, housing allowance and anything the church contributes to a social security type benefit
    • Do not include insurance or retirement
  • Column 4: Range of salary from any salary study research you've done
  • Column 5: Direct report's recommendation of what that person should make
  • Column 6: Staff leader - likely the XP - recommendation of what that person should make
  • Column 7: Senior Pastor's recommendation of what that person should make
  • Column 8: Leadership team, Elder team or Finance team's recommendation of what that person should make

Then you'll be able to make a more informed decision of what your staff members should make. Some churches decide to take the average, or perhaps you decide that the XP and Lead Pastor decide on all pastoral and ministry staff and the Elder team decide for the XP and Lead Pastor. 

Whatever you decide, our Staffing Compensation Assessment Tool gives others the opportunity for input and you the chance to glean helpful information from those who see staff member's work day in and day out. 

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