Why You Might Need to Change the Way You Handle Accounting

May 27, 2024

We were recently asked about the current shift in accounting professionals and how churches should respond.

Some factors for consideration include:

So what should you do?

Here are some ways churches can prepare themselves for the realities above, even if your accountant doesn't plan on going anywhere:

  1. Move away from church-specific accounting software. If the pool of candidates is shrinking, it's even more challenging to find accountants experienced with specialized church software like ACS, Aplos, etc. Church Central Office uses QuickBooks Online due to the plethora of accountants familiar with it, and how easily it syncs with other systems. Xero and Sage are other decent alternatives.
  2. Get your systems up-to-date. There's no reason to have any paper in your process. Take everything digital, and make sure it's online. Your accounting system should be able to be run from a home office should your accountant need to do so.
  3. Start offloading non-accounting tasks from your accountant's plate. Nearly every church we talk with has assigned its accountants both accounting responsibilities and other random administrative or ministerial duties. Doing this will not only free up your accountant from things that they may not enjoy or be proficient in, but if your accountant ever puts in their notice to leave the position, you'll have an easier transition and be able to find someone for their position much easier.

These adjustments today will set you up for success tomorrow, whether you hire someone for accounting in-house or outsource this department to a firm like Church Central Office. 

We start every partnership with a no-pressure conversation. If you're ready to learn more, simply reach out today to schedule a call!


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