End of The Year Encouragement: Three Things to Remember in December

Dec 20, 2023

I have met very few executive pastors who aren't uber-dedicated to their role and genuinely empty themselves to do their best in seeing their church thrive. Those same XPs often struggle to see the small victories along the way. Let's face it - your role has the most scope and oversight of any position within the church. There's always something else that needs attention, that needs your time and energy. So when there is a win, it's really easy to walk right on past it, put a mental check mark beside it, and move on to the next thing. 

Can you relate?

Cognitively, we know that we're making a difference, but it isn't always easy to see, especially when all of your other departments are running on all cylinders.

  • Maybe your team has never been healthier but you still look at the church down the street and wonder why you're not having to do 6 services on Sunday and two on Saturday night because of growth.
  • Maybe you're wondering why your tithes & offerings aren't growing by 30% year-over-year.
  • Maybe your church giving is slowly growing but there just never seems to be enough financial resources to do that HVAC overhaul you desperately need.

As a former XP myself, I can absolutely relate.

Three Things You Need to Remember in December

  1. Stay the course. Your job as an XP isn't to make financial growth or stability happen. It's not your job to make others take the next steps in their faith journey. Your role is to do your part to prepare, cultivate, and water the soil so that the seeds have the opportunity to grow and bear fruit. No one can make those seeds grow. That's not your job, nor should it be your worry. How much fruit? Again, that's not up to you. Just keep your hands on the plow.
  2. Recognize your part in the life change that is happening around you. You and your team may not be dealing with droves of people flooding to your campus each weekend, but that doesn't mean that lives aren't being impacted. Look and listen for those stories of impact and know you played a part and celebrate them.
  3. Know that there will always be more to do. I struggled with this one for years (Ok, who am I kidding, I still struggle with this one on the regular). Because your role does have such a wide scope, you're never going to get it all done, check off all the tasks, and reach 100% of the objectives that are in front of you. Maybe that's how it was designed...so no person could make it happen on their own? 

The Church Central Office team wishes you Christmas blessings and a very happy New Year. We are cheering you on and here should you ever need support. 


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