Why River City Church Chose Church Central Office

Nov 20, 2023

River City Church was in need of accounting support and expertise. Kenny reached out to his friends in ministry and learned about Church Central Office.

What was your primary pain point?

The challenge that they were facing as a church that led them to connect with Church Central Office was the resignation of their business manager. Although they were excited for her to be able to go home and enjoy being a grandmother, taking care of her grandkids, Kenny was panicked.

Kenny, an Executive Pastor who has a Doctorate in Ministry started to think, "What am I going to do with all this? All of this accounting? I know how to read Greek and Hebrew, but numbers just drive me crazy."

They considered filling the position with someone from their congregation initially, but instead, he decided to reach out to his connections in ministry.

How did you hear about Church Central Office?

After a meeting with Jeff Hightower, he knew the partnership would be a great fit. 

On the Discovery Call, Jeff and Kenny discussed his church's mission and our vision. Simply put, they aim to do exactly what Jesus said to do - to help people live a life strong in their Christianity so that they can grow and truly become the disciples that God calls us to be.

What were you looking for?

Keny was looking for a remote team to come alongside him and help him figure out what was needed for banking, accounting, payroll and H.R. He was also looking for someone who could help prepare a budget for the coming year and to deliver to deliver a monthly report to their elders updating them on the financial reality.

He also wanted a remote accounting department to help him figure everything out and take this burden off of his shoulders. 

What still happens in-house vs. remotely?

On a daily day, day-to-day basis, invoices come in. From there, those invoices have account numbers put on them, scan and email to Church Central Office, and then CCO takes it from there. It only takes about one hour a day for someone in the office to go through the mail, take care of the invoices, and answer any questions Church Central Office has about tithes and offerings.

Have you seen any cost savings?

We have seen great cost savings working with Church Central Office. Compared to the cost to hire a staff person, put them on payroll, insurance and other benefits, Church Central Office is basically half the cost.

What do you enjoy about working with Church Central Office?

"I absolutely love it," says Kenny. The Church Central Office team knows what it feels like to sit in an Executive Pastor chair. They know what churches have to do to be responsible for the budget and the financials to a council or board of elders and keeping the whole ministry team on track to where they are on their budget. 

"A good leader always hires to their weakness. So when I hired Church Central Office, I was hiring to my weakness, which was their strength. Jeff and his team always talk about that. He's a nerd with the numbers and the business side of it. But to me, it's just a life saver. They are just incredible to work with. And I am so honored that we have them on our team."

Kenny has bi-weekly video calls with Jeff because River City Church takes advantage of Church Central Office acting as their CFO. They consider Jeff and Molly a part of their team and working with them has relieved his workload tremendously.

What would you say to someone considering Church Central Office?

"Don't think about it any more. Call Church Central Office. If you're considering outsourcing your accounting, do it and call Jeff Hightower and Church Central Office, and it'll change your life."

Interested in seeing if Church Central Office is a good fit for you? Get started today!


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