How To Create An Online Check Request Form

Jun 24, 2024

As you may have read last month, we suggest you get your systems up-to-date, meaning taking paper out of your processes.

One of those processes is an easy-to-use Check Request Form. At Church Central Office, we suggest creating an Online Check Request Form.

Benefits for Ministry Staff

We've found taking check requests online much more effective and efficient.

Some benefits are: 

  • It's easy to decipher.
  • Staff don't have to turn in documentation in person.
  • Staff can upload their receipts and invoices from their home computer or smartphone.
  • Multiple receipts for one event or program can be uploaded at once.
  • It keeps all the entries stored in one place!

Other Considerations of an Online Check Request Form

Setting up an Online Check Request Form allows you to set 'rules' to keep information accurate and ensure you get all of the information you require. 

  • Having the budget account line associated with the expense as a drop-down menu helps rule out blank fields when the staff members don't know the code.
  • You can require things like a mailing address (even if the vendor doesn't want a paper check mailed) because you'll need that information for 1099's later.

Where to create your Online Check Request Form

Depending on your church's needs, you can create your form using cognito.com's free trial version, Google Forms, Jotform, or other platforms. 

What to Include

Below is a screenshot of the fields we suggest including in your Online Check Request Form.

We'd love to hear what else you'd include on your Online Check Request Form. Share in the comments below or reach out to schedule a chat


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